The Anatomy of the Ideal Picnic Blanket

In our opinion, if you’re going on a picnic with the family, you might as well do it right. Preparation is critical to making sure it’s a pleasant experience rather than a tiresome one.

What could be more ideal than selecting the ideal picnic centrepiece: the blanket?

With this in mind, we’ve broken down the magnificent rug and examined all of the key characteristics to search for in your outside blanket.


Nothing can ruin a picnic more than attempting to cram too many accessories and people on a small blanket.

You’ll need a lot of room for your picnic basket, as well as any delicious meals you bring. For the Champagne bucket or drink cooler, among other things. People are a big consideration when it comes to space.

As you can see, a substantial picnic blanket is required for a successful outdoor excursion. That’s why all of our carpets are 145 x 183cm in size and provide plenty of space for a pleasant afternoon in the sun.


The unpredictable British weather has inspired many fables, and for a good reason. A light shower can fall on almost any sunny day, but you must not allow it to spoil an otherwise wonderful journey.

A picnic blanket with a waterproof backing may be used after the rain has stopped to immediately enjoy the fresh air.

Not to mention the early morning excursions, when the ground is still saturated from the night before. A waterproof rug will keep you and your children happy and dry by keeping moisture and cold at bay in any situation.


You want your picnic rug to be made to last outside usage. There’s a big difference between a blanket intended for use indoors and one that is meant for use outdoors.

Picnic rugs must endure the elements, including sunlight, dampness from the earth, sand, pebbles, and all sorts of weather conditions. This necessitates a sturdy construction with a comfortable surface that is gentle to the touch.

They’re both sturdy and soft, so they’ll stand up to anything you can throw at them on the beach, in a meadow, or in your own garden.


Wool has a long history and has been used in the manufacture of traditional blankets for millennia. Its distinct features make wool ideal for outdoor rugs, which require a durable yet soft material that is resistant to moisture and various surfaces.

A wool picnic blanket is made of 100 per cent biodegradable and recyclable wool, which means it’s UV, fire, odour, stain, and wrinkle resistant. It’s also naturally elastic, breathable, smooth on the skin, and insulates. That’s a long list of advantages to prove why you should buy a wool picnic


Let’s face it, a good picnic isn’t always picture-perfect. Whether it’s the wind knocking over your glass of champagne, the youngsters tossing about snacks, grandma’s chicken salad being scattered across the ground by the children, or your ice cream melting too quickly in the heat.

It’s also possible that your throw has gotten muck on it. The sand, dirt, and other unsavoury things may easily taint the bottom of the rug as well. Cleaning your throw at the end of a fantastic journey might not be the most appealing activity.

This is where a machine-washable picnic blanket comes in handy. Simply shake or brush off the larger debris, then toss the blanket into the washing machine on the wool cycle. When it’s done, hang it up to dry.


The greatest picnic blankets must satisfy a variety of criteria. It’s not just one or two things on the list above that you want; it’s all of them.

It’s difficult to satisfy all of these criteria, but it is critical if you want to establish the gold standard for a picnic rug.

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