How to Organize a Picnic for Kids

If you’d prefer a different kind of kiddie party that doesn’t require renting out a hotel function room or expensive entertainment, try the opposite approach and keep it basic and rustic. What’s more rustic than a picnic in nature? Here are the things you’ll need to throw a picnic party for your kids that everyone will enjoy.

Perfect Timing

The majority of children’s parties begin in the late morning. However, the sun is very harsh (and hot!) then. To avoid the strong rays of the sun, hold your party between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m.

Green Location

Even with our unstable weather, going outside might be a risk, but the sensation of being in nature is always well worth the gamble. Look for an area nearby that has a park or nature preserve—even if it’s only a large enough piece of grass will do.


Don’t expect your guests to bring their own covers for the party; it isn’t really what they’d consider a pleasurable experience to clean grass and mud stains out of their bedding or blankets. Purchase or go through your linen closet for blankets that you don’t mind getting dirty and use them as needed on the lawn before guests arrive so that they may choose where they want to sit.


Picnics, on the other hand, lend an air of leisure to the festivities by implying that you have all day to relax and dangle your feet in the water. Providing small cushions to help guests unwind and lie down will get them into the mood of believing they have all day to enjoy your party.

Finger Food

Picnics are meant to be a fun, casual experience. Sandwiches, food on sticks, rolls, and other picnic fare are easy to eat with your hands. Have your caterer prepare some merienda (afternoon tea) for your guests!

Chill Music

To keep everyone in high, happy spirits, set the tone for the children’s party with tunes from your child’s favourite bands that are both energetic and chill. Don’t expect your smartphone’s loudspeaker to do a good enough job—ensure that the biggest sound speakers you have or may borrow are available so that everyone can dance to the music.

Outdoor Toys

Toys meant for the outdoors, such as kites, pinwheels, bubbles, flying discs, baseball sets, and even a simple soccer ball, will keep the antsy children (and adults!) entertained. If you don’t mind, break out the water guns – they’ll be great for keeping everyone cool!

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